Up on the Cube
The Youth video contest is open to youth between the ages of 12 and 25 to create and submit their
own original creations. 

Winners are then shown on the Cube, the projection system that appears at the top of City Hall each
and every night.
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Three years of pride
Pride prom is a yearly held every June by the Kitchener Youth Action Council (KYAC) and KW
Counselling's OK2BME program.

It's a free event where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth and their allies
can "dance away" the end of the high school year in a safe and supportive environment.....(continue reading post)
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2008 Trends and indicators
A publication designed for the Economic Development department of the city of Kitchener to highlight
the growing trends and business developments to attract new business to the city.
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Municipal election 2006
This was a concept aimed at getting a younger crowd out voting in municipal elections. Using models
based on the age range we wanted to speak to, we visually portrayed how there were lots of options
out there but you had the opportunity to pick the one that spoke to....(continue reading post)
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2007 Annual Report for the City of Kitchener
This annual report wanted to focus on the numbers generated throughout the year. I developed a
fairly large set of icons to represent the ideas and concepts that we wanted to get across to the

Above is the cover and a page from the inside and below are some....(continue reading post)
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